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a different kind of experience

4 Jan

I received the following email in my inbox, one of those endlessly forwarded emails. But, it was such an amazing tale, that I wanted to share it on my blog too. If anyone knows the original author, please let me know, and I will be happy to credit it to them. I am simply copy/pasting the email I received, with some changes in formatting, to fit this blog’s line width.


I was invited to one Friday evening event by one of MNC Vendor organization who had organized the event to raise funds for the visually handicapped people in a center for blind people.
As usual, since it was a Friday evening, I first thought to skip the event considering it could be a bit boring and rather spend the evening relaxing by some other means.
But being alone and sometimes finding it difficult to kill time, I thought to accept the invitation and registered online for booking. Moreover it was free 🙂 which was another motivation to go to the event. I was looking at the event to pass some time, meet few people and nothing else.
When I went there, there were approx 40 people from various industries invited for that event. I found some Indians and naturally talked to them about how life is in Singapore etc etc. Initially we were shown a video about the visually handicapped center. What are their activities, how are they helping blind people in Singapore to leave more fulfilling life, etc .. It was a short 15 minute video and quite inspiring that how people from different walks of life spend time in helping these blind people without expecting anything in return. They shared the satisfaction and fulfillment they get by helping them.
After the video, we all were gathered in a hall and were briefed about next event. The theme of the next event was “Dining in the Dark”. And this is the event which turned out to be inspiring and worth sharing.
What is meant was that we all 40+ people were going to have Dinner in a pitch Dark room !!!! The next 2 hours were completely planned, organized, directed and executed by three blind youths. One was a girl (Leader) and other two boys were assistant to her forming a team of three blind volunteers.
The blind leader first gave us tips for dining (These were ACTUAL STANDARDS THE BLIND PEOPLE FOLLOW IN ORDER TO MAKE THERE LIFE EASIER)
1, When you sit at your table the things will be placed as follows :
at 3 o clock of your dish : You will find a spoon.
at 9 o clock : Fork;
12 o clock : spoon.
2 o clock : Empty Glass
Dish at the center with Paper napkin tucked at 6 o clock.
2. There will be two large Jugs circulated to you. The Jug with plain walls will have water and the Jug with curved wall will have orange juice.
3. When you get your Jug based on your choice you have to pour it in your glass. You have to dip your forefinger in the glass so that when you fill it and the liquid touches your finger, you have to stop pouring. She asked whether everyone has understood . All said yes but everyone was confused and trying to remember what she said and confirming with each other. Next 1 1/2 hours we spent were full of fun and learning. In completely pitch dark room where we could not see ANYTHING we were enjoying various delicious food without seeing it.
We all 40 people were taken in groups in the dark hall . Each one was directed by blind person till he/she sits on a chair (We were finding it awkward because actually we are supposed to guide blind people to their destination and help them)
We were Served full five course dinner by this team of three blind people- Welcome drinks, appetizers, starters , main course and desserts. The amazing thing was that the team of three blind people were serving exactly vegetarian dishes to vegetarian people who were sitting randomly in the room !!!
While registering online we were asked question to choose from “Vegetarian” or “Non vegetarian”. I obviously chose Vegetarian, being one. We were so nicely hosted that we did not had to wait in between serves. As we were ending finishing one dish, we were served with next without any delays.
After approx 1 and half hours of Dining in the dark, the leader asked whether everyone has finished eating. After confirmation she switched on the lights of the dining room. We left the Dining room with tears in our eyes.
We realized how lucky we are and how we have been gifted with beautiful eyes to see the beautiful world. We realized how difficult lives of blind people are (and other handicapped) without being able to see. We realized how uncomfortable we were for just two hours without being able to see anything and how they must be living their lives. We realized how unfortunate we are, that we do not value such simple things in life we have and cry (sometime louder, sometime within ourselves) and run after what we don’t have ……………..for whole of our lives without having time to adore for the things we have.
Be cheerful. Adore whatever you have in life. You may try for whatever you dont have but never feel sad about it.
You need to experience it, something like I had experienced, to believe this philosophy of life.
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What an incredible experience! In trying to find the original author, I found a restaurant chain which offers similar experience. I haven’t been to it yet, but maybe, it’s worth adding to my bucket list?

gmo food = junk food

13 Oct

It’s simple. Multi-million dollar research goes into genetically modifying food – for making it commercially viable. The focus is on increasing shelf life, increasing yield, making it prettier or sweeter. All are worthy commercial goals. Who says ever “Oh! Let’s put more iron in the spinach and make it healthier!”

Take GMO salmon (AquAdvantage® Salmon) for example. It grows to three times the size in half the time! Cha-ching!! But, what about the consumers? Wild salmon is rich in omega-3 complex fatty acids and wide-diameter muscle fiber, which are good for you. They also take longer to produce and store in Salmon bodies. GMO Salmon grows big quickly, primarily by producing and storing omega-6 fatty acids and lean-diameter muscle fiber. These are faster to produce in the salmon body, but way unhealthy for human consumption.

Now, consumers need to eat three times as much GMO salmon and still get much less quantity of omega-3 fatty acids. And they will load-up on lot more of omega-6 fatty acid in the process, leading to obesity, clogged arteries, cholesterol, heart disease… Higher medical bills.

As long as salmon is sold by weight or size, and not by its nutrition content, I cannot trust GMO salmon to be the right choice for consumers. Or any other GMO product for that matter.