A friend once introduced me to someone, with the epithet “opinionated”. Immediately, I took offense, and demanded an explanation. “You always have an opinion on everything.”, he clarified. Ummm.. that’s a good thing, right? I take the time to be involved in the world around me, and educate myself on issues big and small. The term I would use is “well-informed”. But that’s my opinion, right 😉

My sharing of opinions evolved from small-group discussions to emails to Yahoo Groups to Face Book. With each forum, I noticed people do read my posts. And get involved. They open-up and share their thoughts with me. Some respond on the forums, and some connect privately. Some remember my comments for weeks, and months, and bring them up whenever they see me in person next. And, many times, they roll with the ball and take my ideas further. Some even manage to open my eyes and educate me about the “other side”.

I sometimes feel restricted by the limit on words through social media. And I can’t always find the right topic of interest with the right people. My recent FB post on vitamin D deficiency got so many repsonses… I had no idea which of my friends had opinions on it! I figured, it would be great to start a blog, with no real word limit, and open to folks all over the world. Hopefully, I would find more like-minded people willing to read and share their opinions with me. I look forward to many more opportunities to be educated and, maybe even change my stance on some issues. But, this way or that, I would always have an opinion on most issues 😛


What do you think?

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