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gmo food = junk food

13 Oct

It’s simple. Multi-million dollar research goes into genetically modifying food – for making it commercially viable. The focus is on increasing shelf life, increasing yield, making it prettier or sweeter. All are worthy commercial goals. Who says ever “Oh! Let’s put more iron in the spinach and make it healthier!”

Take GMO salmon (AquAdvantage¬ģ Salmon)¬†for example. It grows to three times the size in half the time! Cha-ching!! But, what about the consumers? Wild salmon is rich in omega-3 complex fatty acids and wide-diameter muscle fiber, which are good for you. They also take longer to produce and store in Salmon bodies. GMO Salmon grows big quickly, primarily by producing and storing omega-6 fatty acids and lean-diameter muscle fiber. These are faster to produce in the salmon body, but way unhealthy for human consumption.

Now, consumers need to eat three times as much GMO salmon and still get much less quantity of omega-3 fatty acids. And they will load-up on lot more of omega-6 fatty acid in the process, leading to obesity, clogged arteries, cholesterol, heart disease… Higher medical bills.

As long as salmon is sold by weight or size, and not by its nutrition content, I cannot trust GMO salmon to be the right choice for consumers. Or any other GMO product for that matter.